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In the Middle Ages, it was believed that anyone who wore a Ruby would gain protection against drowning, pain and rheumatism.

There is a legend that, In the 13th Century, the King of Siam owned a Ruby which was the size of a man’s hand and which was said to prolong youth. He rubbed the ruby over his face twice a day and when he died, aged 90, he had the complexion of a young man.

In medieval Europe, there was a belief that wearers could be warned of forthcoming bad luck if the ruby became dark and dull. It is said that Catherine of Aragon had a ruby which darkened before she died and that Elizabeth, the wife of Franz Joseph of Austria was assassinated on the one day she forget to wear her ring.

Jewish people believe that Rubies are the most precious of the 12 gems created by God when making all things.

There is an old Hindu belief that the God Krishna rewards those who offer Rubies by assuring rebirth as an emperor if the stone is of good quality and of rebirth as a king if the stone is of lesser quality.

The Ruby is the birthstone for July and is said to signify contentment, love and devotion.” That ruby stole a spark from heaven above to bring the July maiden untold love” (source unknown) It is the stone associated with the fortieth wedding anniversary. It is associated with the star sign Aries.