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Necklace & Pendany Guide

A great pendant or necklace is the perfect accompaniment to a stylish outfit, and fashionable women have not been able to get enough of wonderful neckwear for centuries.  Pendants and necklaces come in such a stunning variety that choosing one may be a daunting task.  

The key to choosing the right necklace or pendant is to experiment and to be imaginative.  However, if you know the basics about pendant construction and design first it will help make your choice easier.  

Quality jewellery, neckwear included, is made of gold, silver or platinum.  Collectively, these are referred to as “precious metals.”  Although necklaces made out of non-precious base metals are commonly found in all the high street shops, you should be careful when purchasing them, as they have a much higher tendency to give you an allergic reaction.  Anyone who has had the experience of his or her neck turning green can tell you that this is not a pleasant effect.  Our best advice is to stick to jewellery made of precious metals, such as gold or sterling silver, as they are much less likely to react badly with your body’s unique chemistry.  

Silver is a beautiful precious metal and a popular metal for all types of jewellery, including necklaces and pendants.  It has a wonderful white shine, although it does tend to tarnish once exposed to oxygen.  Silver pendants come in a huge variety and since silver is much less expensive than gold, silver pendants may be bigger, more intricate and heavier than their gold counterparts and still fit into your budget.  Many precious gemstones may be set in silver as well as in gold.  When choosing a silver pendant, especially as a gift, you should consider also choosing a silver chain to pair with it.  

While silver pendants and chains are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, the more remarkable and luxurious pieces are made of gold or platinum.  Gold neckwear may be yellow, rose or white in colour and will have a luxurious shine and lustre.  Pure gold is too soft to work in jewellery, so it is always alloyed with other metals for hardness and durability.  Gold jewellery may be either 9 carat or 18 carat, denoting the amount of gold present in the alloy.  The higher the carat, the more pure gold there is in the alloy.  Pure gold is 24 carat gold.  

A platinum pendant, chain or necklace is the pinnacle of luxury.  Platinum is the rarest metal on earth and it is said that if all the platinum in the world is combined together and put into an Olympic-size swimming pool it would only go up to your ankles.  In addition to being rare, platinum is incredibly durable, has a wonderful heavy weight, does not react with chlorine or water and is completely hypoallergenic.  It is a lovely white metal and will never tarnish or lose its shine.  

Stone-set pendants are very popular and it is easy to see why, it just looks amazing to have that lovely sparkle on a woman’s neck.  Stone-set pendants may have diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies or a rainbow of other coloured gemstones.  Consider a coloured gemstone pendant if you would like to add a subtle splash of colour to your wardrobe, and especially to a monochromatic outfit, such as a little black dress or a white t-shirt and jeans.  A lovely and well-placed coloured pendant will instantly increase drama and add that little touch of elegance.  

And of course you can never go wrong with diamonds.  A single diamond set in a lovely gold setting is classy and matches with everything.  Suddenly, that touch of sparkle transforms even a basic t-shirt and jeans.  

When you find the perfect pendant consider purchasing a coordinating chain in the same metal.  A curb or diamond cut curb chain, for example, has a clean simple style that will look great with many pendants.  A twisted curb chain is a great variation on this style and adds even more drama.  A box or venetian chain also looks great with many pendants, because of it’s high shine and sparkle, which results from its diamond-cut edge.  

There are so many pendants out there and in so many different metals, sizes, designs and in such a stunning array of colours and gemstones that you may find it difficult to pick just one!  One thing is sure though, you can never have too many.   Experiment, use your imagination and see how wonderfully your wardrobe will be transformed with just a few gorgeous pieces.  

And don’t forget that many lovely pendants come in a suite with matching earrings.  This is a great way to look very put together and elegant in an instant, without even having to think about it!  We at Glenray love our beautiful matching sets and are here to help you find the perfect match.

Whatever your style, we have your perfect pendant or necklace at Glenray Jewellers.  We carry a huge array of neckwear in every precious metal and set with diamonds, gemstones and pearls.  We love how a perfect pairing of pendant and earrings makes a woman feel even more beautiful and we are here to help you find your perfect piece.  We invite you browse our beautiful collection today.