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Engagement Ring Guide

An engagement ring says so much.  It is ring with which you show your intention to the person you love and engagement rings come in so many shapes and sizes and types that  the choice can be overwhelming!

Do you go for a white or yellow gold ring or even some other colour?  Do you go for a simple single stone, a cluster, a three-stone?  Is your engagement ring all diamond, do you have a coloured gemstone – which one?  How do you choose?

Well, let’s start with the stone.  It is fair to say that diamonds are the most popular and favoured choice for an engagement ring.  From Elvis to Richard Burton, all have given there intended a ring set with diamonds.

Which diamond do you choose?  Well, a diamond’s value is based on the “Four C’s”: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

A diamond’s colour (on the Gemological Association of America’s scale) ranges from “Z” to “D”, with “D” being the best.  The whiter the diamond, the more valuable it is and “D” colour is the closest to pure white there is.

A diamond’s clarity relates to how free of imperfections a diamond is with the use of a 10x magnifying glass.  If inclusions (imperfections) cannot be seen with the naked eye it will be a stone graded SI on the GIA scale.  

The carat weight of a diamond simply relates to its weight.

A diamond’s cut refers to the quality of the cut as well as the shape of the diamond from the classic modern round brilliant to the more contemporary princess cut and lots more besides.  

A fifth “C” worth mentioning may be confidence – we cannot all be experts in diamonds and your confidence in what a jeweller tells you about a diamond is key.  Keep in mind that just because a diamond is not certified does not make it a bad diamond.  Certification will add to the cost of the diamond.

Do not forget that diamonds are not the only option and there are some very famous engagement rings with coloured stones.  For example Lady Diana’s engagement ring was a sapphire cluster and became so iconic that that style was often referred to as a “Lady Di”.  Prince William gave his late mother’s ring to his new bride, Kate Middleton.

Whatever precious stone you want the ring to feature, Glenray Jewellers has an enormous range of stones to tempt you with.  From a classic stone to something a bit more unusual – whatever her taste Glenray Jewellers will have a stone to suit.

After deciding on the stone, it is important to consider the style of the setting.   With hundreds of different styles available it is simply impossible to talk about them all.  But let’s talk about some of the more popular options.

On a single stone ring it is now a very popular option to have the diamond set in a 4-claw setting, as it is unobtrusive and shows all round the diamond.  But so many other options are available for those that want something a little different, be it a crossover style – where the diamond is set on a twist, a rub over style – which affords wonderful protection to the diamond, to a semi rub over style – where the stone is partly encased, giving the best of both worlds.  This only represents a fraction of what is available on our website.

A single stone is ideal for everybody from the simple 4-claw single modern round brilliant, for the classic engagement ring, to a more unusual variant on the ring.  From a round stone to the more contemporary square diamond, a solitaire is ideal for everyone.

However, you may instead choose to have a three-diamond or two-diamond ring, and again these are available in a large range of styles and are ideal if you would like to make your engagement ring something a little different from the norm.

Very much in vogue are the diamond clusters which have proved a hit amongst ladies who want to be right at the forefront of the latest designs and these too can be found at

As well as considering the style, the stone and the setting the other major consideration is the colour of the metal.  Most people have somewhat fixed ideas on this.  They are fans of yellow or white metal and the budget constrains will determine whether to get platinum, 9ct or 18ct gold.  White metals are very much in vogue and the most popular choice is one of platinum or white gold.  Platinum is the king of metals, a rare and luxurious material which will beautifully set off any gemstone.

At Glenray Jewellers, we have a vast choice of engagement rings, from the unusual to the classic from the modern to the traditional – your choice of engagement ring at its root should reflect the type of person you are and the ring that just screams this is it!