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Earring Guide

A woman can never have too many earrings!  Worn as adornments for centuries, earrings have a wonderful tendency to enhance the beauty of any outfit to make it a fashionable statement.  Stylish women have known for years that all it takes is a well-placed beautiful pair of earrings to instantly find yourself on every best-dressed list.

There are so many different earring types that any woman should be able to find a perfect pair (or ten!) that suit her.  You may find that stud earrings enhance your cropped hairstyle or that dangly earrings add drama to that certain little black dress.  You may find that yellow gold sets off your dark hair or that white gold or silver matches perfectly with your favourite jumper.  The trick to picking a great pair of earrings is experimentation, imagination and knowing your options.  After that, the sky’s the limit!

The first thing to consider when shopping for a pair of earrings is what metal it is made of.  This is important for several reasons.  The first is, of course, its look and feel.  After you decide what looks good on you, you should also consider the weight and type of the metal, as well as its price.

The weight and type of metal are very important considerations when shopping for jewellery generally, but should especially play a role when shopping for earrings.  This is because unlike a ring or a necklace that you wear on the outside of your body, earrings are worn inside your ears.  You have to understand whether you have an allergy to any type of metal and avoid this metal when shopping for earrings.  You should also consider whether the earrings are too heavy for your ears, as the constant weight during wear may cause discomfort and pain.

The best earrings come in platinum, gold and sterling silver.  Platinum is the rarest precious metal on earth and this is reflected in its high price.  It may be worth splurging on this luxurious metal if you suffer from allergies, however, because it is completely hypoallergenic and will never tarnish.  

Although earrings made out of base metals are commonly found in all the high street shops, you should be careful when purchasing them, as they have a much higher tendency to give you an allergic reaction.  Anyone who has had the experience of his or her ears turning green can tell you that this is not a pleasant effect.  Our best advice is to stick to earrings made of precious metals, such as gold or sterling silver, as they are much less likely to react badly with your body’s unique chemistry.  

After you have decided on your perfect metal, you have a stunning choice of styles, shapes, stones, designs and lengths to pick from to find you perfect pair of earrings.  

The most popular types of earrings are studs, dangles and hoops.  Within those broad categories though is such a dizzying array of choices that you may have a hard decision ahead of you!  After all, how can you decide on whether to get that lovely pair of sapphire and diamond studs or this pair of emerald and diamond dangles?  The answer is simple, experiment and try them all!  

What you may find is that a pair of large stud earrings look classy and amazing when you wear your hair up but that they get lost when you wear it down.  Long dangly earrings add instant drama and glamour to a dress with a simple neckline but may be overkill when wearing a bold necklace.  These examples are just two reasons why a stylish woman just cannot live with one pair of earrings and why you can never have enough!

Our advice is to be creative and experiment with all the styles you see.  Hold them up to your face and see if they set off your bone structure, enhance the colour of your skin and your eyes.  
Try a pair set with a beautiful citrine or smoky quartz if you have olive skin, and they will add a touch of golden sparkle to your skin and your eyes.  If you have fair skin, try earrings set with gentle tanzanite, pink tourmaline or red rubies for a perfect compliment to your complexion.

Use your imagination to envision the earrings with your perfect outfit.  Try a pair set with bold emeralds to add instant high drama to a simple monochrome dress or a pair of gold and diamond hoops to add instant sophistication to a plain t-shirt and jeans.   

Whatever your style, we have your perfect pair of earrings at Glenray Jewellers.  We carry a huge array of earrings in every precious metal and set with diamonds, gemstones and pearls.  We love how a perfect pair of earrings makes a woman feel even more beautiful and we are here to help you find that feeling.  We invite you browse our beautiful collection today.