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The Romans dedicated the Emerald to Venus and thought it was connected to reproduction. Guido Gregorietti wrote “the emerald … accelerated or retarded the delivery, if attached to the thigh or laid onto the womb of the woman in labour”

The Emerald was also connected by the Romans to healing tired eyes. For this reason green is considered to be the most restful colour for eyes. Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 A.D) wrote “they are the only gemstones which fill the eyes without saturating them…eyes will be refreshed and restored by looking at emeralds” It is said that Nero watched the gladiators using a sliced emerald to improve his sight.

Emerald is also associated with strengthening the heart, kidneys and liver and calming the mind.

Sailors wear an emerald around their neck in order to protect themselves from drowning.

As Emeralds are supposed to be symbolic of faith, they are often used in ecclesiastical settings, and are to be seen as part of altars and vestments.

The Emerald is associated with the qualities of love, success, fidelity and goodness.

The birthstone for May is the Emerald. “Sweet Child of May, you’ll taste the caress of Emeralds promised happiness” (unknown source)

The Emerald is the stone associated with the 55th Wedding Anniversary.