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The Emerald should be cleaned in warm, soapy water with a soft damp cloth and a soft brush.

Care should be taken when wearing Emerald jewellery and it should not be worn if heavy work is to be undertaken as it can fracture. Heat should also be avoided.

Voids in the Emerald are filled with oily fillers and so it is inadvisable to store Emeralds in dry conditions such as a safe deposit box as the fillers can evaporate. Emeralds should be stored in jewel boxes or individual plastic bags and should be stored away from other gems such as diamonds, in order to prevent scratching.

Emeralds should be re treated professionally by a jeweller every few years in order to maintain the stone.

Caring for Emerald (Summary)

•    Wash in warm soapy water with soft cloth and soft brush
•    Keep in jewel box or plastic bag away from other jewellery
•    Do not wear when undertaking heavy work
•    Do not keep in dry conditions such as safe deposit box
•    Obtain professional re treating every few years.