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In the middle ages, it was thought that the diamond would give protection against the plague. The Queen Elizabeth the First wore a diamond in order to protect against infection. Napoleon believed in the powers of the diamond and had a diamond put into the sword he carried at his coronation.

Legend gives the diamond the power to protect from evil, especially if worn on the left side and this may explain why diamonds have always been the gem of choice for engagement rings.

One of the most famous diamonds is the ‘Koh-i-nor’. It was safeguarded in the 19th century by an Afghan prince who endured days of torture to safeguard it. It is now in the Queen Mother’s Crown.

Another famous diamond is the Star of Africa which is the largest cut diamond – 530.20 cats. It is now to be found at the Tower of London.

The diamond is associated with purity, innocence and marital harmony.

The diamond is a symbol for love and affection.

The birthstone for April is the Diamond. It signifies eternity, courage and health.

‘The April girl has a brave defense
The Diamond guards her innocence’
(source unknown).

The diamond is associated with the 60th wedding anniversary.