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Caring for Diamonds

Although diamonds are very hard, they are not unbreakable. The crystal structure is such that a blow to the diamond can cause the diamond to crack or shatter.

They should be kept way from other diamonds to prevent scratching.

Heat and chemicals should be avoided in a fracture-filled diamond.

They act as a magnet for grease and so should be taken off before bathing or washing dishes.

They can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner (unless fractured) or by using a soft toothbrush with a mild soapy detergent or ammonia based cleaner.

Caring for Diamonds (summary)

•    Keep away from other diamonds
•    Avoid grease
•    Avoid heavy blows
•    Clean in an ultrasonic cleaner (unless fractured)
•    Clean with mild soapy water or with a ammonia based cleaner, using a soft toothbrush.