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The modern gemstone associated with the month of December is tanzaniteTanzanite is thought to bring happiness and luck. Although it is a recently discovered gemstone, it is said to be traditional with the Masai tribe, who give this gem to their newborn children as a bearer of good fortune. Turquoise, blue topaz and ruby are alternative ancient gemstones for this month.  Turquoise is believed to attract money, success and love, and is a stone of friendship in many cultures.  Ruby is considered a protection stone from misfortune and bad health, ruby is also used to open the heart and promote love. When given as a gift, ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. Blue Topaz is thought to give wisdom and to calm a bad temper, anxiety and worries It is said to give strength and courage to the wearer and to improve mental clarity and focus, as well as to increase confidence. Topaz is also a symbol of love and affection, and has been said to be an aid to ones sweetness and disposition.