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What is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a type of quartz but unlike quartz which is composed of crystals, Chalcedony is composed of sub-microscopic fibres. There are several different types of Chalcedony, characterized by the way the fibres form into different layers.

It is thought that Chalcedony is named after an ancient town at the Bosporus.

Types of chalcedony include:

•    Agate – in a variety of colours
•    Bloodstone – dark green with red spots
•    Carnelian – brownish red to brownish orange
•    Fire agate – brown body with iridescent hues
•    Jasper – a variety of colours apart from black
•    Moss agate – green, black or brown inclusions
•    Onyx – parallel layers of different colours – often black and white
•    Sardonyx – parallel brown bands alternate with black or white