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Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March and signifies happiness and understanding. “But oh what shall a March maid do? Wear an Aquamarine to be brave and true” (source unknown)

It is said that Aquamarine is a cure for coughs and that it is useful as a physical and emotional balancer. It is supposed to help those wanting to learn and helps give insight into the inner self.

In ages past Aquamarine was said to contain mystic powers and it was worn as an amulet in order to prevent coming to harm as it was thought that it was the ‘Stone of Safety’. as well as the ‘Gem of Eternal youth’. It is thought to be a ‘lucky’ stone, bringing comfort in times of difficulty.

In the middle ages, the Aquamarine was used by soothsayers in order to tell fortunes and to look at the future.

Aquamarine, in modern times is associated with the 38th Wedding Anniversary.