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Amethyst is worn traditionally in order to prevent drunkenness and to ensure a sober mind. If worn while sleeping, it is supposed to reduce anger and impatience. It is associated with the God Bacchus. The name Amethyst means ‘not drunken’ (Greek).

Mythological sources state that the Amethyst inspires a love of duty and devotion to high ideas. It is for those reasons that many hundreds of years ago, it was designated as one of the main ecclesiastical rings and is born by Bishops in modern times.

The Amethyst is said to be Saint Valentine’s favourite stone.

The birth stone for February is the Amethyst. And so it is, with the Emerald, the suggested stone for Pisceans. It is supposed to bring luck, wit and health as a birthstone. “In fitful February, it’s a verity that the Amethyst denotes sincerity’

In modern timed the Amethyst has been associated with the 33rd wedding anniversary.