About Glenray Jewellers

Glenray Jewellers started its life as Glenray Watches in 1967 and this year we are excited to be celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Our first shop, was opened in Letchworth in 1967 by Raymond, his wife, Glenda, and his parents Dave and Hilda. Raymond originally trained as a watchmaker at Asprey’s and was just in his early twenties when he founded Glenray.  All members of the family took an active role in the day-to-day operations of the shop, and business flourished.  It wasn’t long before the shop expanded into selling jewellery as well as watches.  It became a thriving family business, committed to customer care and exceptional service and it is thanks to this that, today, the Letchworth shop is the oldest and most respected jewellers in the town, having been established for 50 years.

The success of the Letchworth shop led to the opening of the second Glenray shop, in Hitchin, in 1975.  The Hitchin shop was also a great success and has been an integral part of the business community in this thriving town since it opened its doors.  Both shops now stock an extensive range of exquisite jewellery and both are esteemed in their respective communities for their high standards of service.  Glenray is particularly proud of its wedding and engagement ring selection and is recognised as a specialist in this area.

Being a true family business, Glenray was joined by the third generation of the family in 1995 when Raymond and Glenda’s older son, Jason, joined the business.  Like the previous generations, Jason has taken an active role in the operations and management of Glenray.  It has been his dream to take the business into the digital age by establishing a thriving online enterprise in addition to the successful Glenray shops in Letchworth and Hitchin.  His dream comes to fruition with this website.  Jason firmly believes that excellent customer service and absolute trustworthiness are integral to the success of any online venture, especially a jewellers.  The internet is a realm of possibilities.  Jason believes in it to such an extent that he even met his fiancée Julie online.   

Raymond, the original driving force behind Glenray, continues to be enthusiastic about propelling the business forward and into the future and his skills remain invaluable assets to Glenray to this day.   In addition to family members, Glenray also employs a team of committed and highly professional staff who deliver a first-class service to all our customers whether you’re making purchases in-store or online.  

The stock may have changed since our first shop opened 50 years ago but our commitment to offering the highest standards of customer care, as well as extensive choice and competitive prices have remained.  Because of this, Glenray is absolutely the best place to purchase gifts for yourself and your loved ones whether you shop with us in one of our stores or online via our website.  After all, nothing makes for a better gift than a gorgeous piece of fashionable jewellery, especially when bought from Glenray!

At our stores in Hitchin we stock a great range of brands including Thomas Sabo and Nomination and Bering amoungst many, many others.